About Us

As a brand new business in Hurricane, we are excited to introduce ourselves to you. We are truly a small-town family owned business. Terry Wiese operates the store and the service center, and he's the best go-to guy you can get when dealing with outdoor equipment and vehicles. He is a small-town farm boy, originally from Washington state, but more recently from Enterprise, Utah, where he worked for and with several big time farmers. He loves the land and the machines used to work it and make things grow plentifully. Besides farm and ranch work, Terry has also worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for nearly 20 years, but has been repairing machines for far more than that. He's honest and wise.

Terry is also a great husband and father. His wife, Susan, is co-owner and involved with the store as well when she isn't teaching 7th grade language arts at Fossil Ridge Intermediate or nurturing their three children. Roxie, Echo, and Cooper love to be involved with family activities and can be found cleaning side x sides, mopping the floor, or asking Dad what he's doing.

We not as much business people as we are family people. We chose to open Zion ATV Adventures because we saw an opportunity to help families with the Cub Cadet vehicles and equipment. We love the outdoors and see how it blesses our family to be outside together, working and playing. The Cub Cadet machines are affordable and high quality, and with Terry, we can provide service and the answers people need to keep their equipment running right, whether it's mowing the lawn, hunting, trail riding, or working on the ranch or farm. We believe in families.